Aamad Dance Center

AAMAD NGO and Dance Center

AAMAD Dance Center is a registered NGO, founded 20 years ago in 1996. Considered one of the premier performing arts organizations in India, its main mission is to enhance integration and diversity in the arts with works uniting people of all abilities. It has been recognised by the Dept. of Culture, Govt. of India, empanelled under ICCR- (Ministry of External Affairs) & working in cooperation with Kathak Kendra - National Institute of Kathak dance.

To date, AAMAD NGO inspirational mission has touched over 2 million people through performances, training, festivals, seminars and workshops and generating employment in the field of Art and culture over the years.

AAMAD’s dance productions are the most creative and unique initiative in the world of Indian performing arts and first of its kind dance productions :- Internationally acclaimed ‘SUFI’ dance performances, ‘DANCING WHEELS’ performed by Differently abled artists on Wheelchairs & Crutches and ‘TRADITIONAL KATHAK & CREATIVE’ amalgamation of dance performances are mesmerising, empowering and captivating to the audience. There is issued based dance productions for the rights of Muslim women & women in general.

The performances have gained tremendous popularity all over the world due to its unique style of dancing. AAMAD’s artists have been featured in prestigious National and International dance festivals; USA, UK, South Korea, Malaysia and Algeria. AAMAD has been successfully organizing festivals for the last one decade aimed at reviving the fading aspects & aesthetics of Indian dance for future generation and also providing a platform to the talented young artists.