Kathak, Creative & Traditional Performances

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Kathak, Creative & Traditional :

An amalgamation of many other dance performances are mesmerising, empowering and captivating to the audience. Aamad dance repertory’s aims to achieve excellence and virtuosity in classical Kathak and its experimental work. It has performed at a number of major National and International festivals.

Sound Of Spell : The production shows Islamic contribution to Indian classical dance Kathak.

Raqs-E-Maimaar : A spiritual tribute to the beauty and spiritual depth of the Taj Mahal. It means following the path of spiritual enlightenment from external & physical manifestations of worship to the inner peace.

Atam-Shakti : Based on inner power' in the dance forms of Kathak & Chhau

Megh Malhar : Based on the different expressional aspects of Nayikas

Ashatapadi : "Shri Nand Nandan Nachat Sudhang" written by Surdas, is focused on the fascinating aspects of Lucknow style of Kathak dance i.e. an intrinsic part of geometry in Kathak dance - highlighted subtler details with a touch of Persian elegance.

Sangam : Confluence of Cultural Symphonies: This dance production is an amalgamation of classical dance forms which showcases the best in these while underlining each one's nuances most convincingly.

Andaz-E -Raqs : A stylized dance that visualizes sound and extends its aural dimensions into physical space. The production highlights the contribution of Persian culture to Kathak dance.

Ritu Chakra : Ritu chakra covers the six seasons with Indian festivals and fairs. This represents whole images of India covering each predominant region.

Pancha-Bhuta : Our whole cosmic quest of the world and beyond starts from the point of panchabhuta (five elements-Earth, Water, Fire, Vayu, Akasha.) which then manifests in an enjoining manner to form the life force and then, later, those five elements disintegrates to ensure a celestial traverse at the Paramanu (atom) level.


The Vision of Kabir : Dance drama resonates with praise for the true guru who reveals the divine through direct experience.

Ramayan : A mythological dance drama with multi-media projection to understand the value of our traditional culture

Krishna The Blue God : dance ballet is about the life of Krishna from his birth to his great preaching’s to Arjuna in Bhagawad - Geeta.

Buddha : a dance drama gave the formula to cleanse the mind of defilement and disturbances, to gain Insight (Vipassana) which leads to the understanding of the true nature of things.

Durga : Dance drama using the delicate nuanced masked dance form of Purulia Chhau with Kathak showing the incarnation of Durga as a unified symbol of all divine Forces manifested to destroy demons.

With Aamad Dance Center, you can learn online kathak dance classes, a platform where you can enhance your dancing skills and also focus on integration and variation in the arts, which works to unite people of all abilities.