Performances Details

AAMAD Performances Details
AAMAD’s dance productions are the amalgamation of traditional, creative and modern style of themes. The performances are: Om Shanti, Krishna Leela, Hosla, Sufi dance compositions, Divyaang, Aazadi Ke Rang, Flying Wings, Passion & many more.


"Equalization of opportunities" is a central theme of this dance composition.An important principle underlying this theme is that persons with disabilities should not be treated in isolation, but within the context of normal community services. The role of this disabled community includes providing a voice of their own, identifying needs, expressing views on priorities, evaluating services and advocating change and public awareness.

Om Shanti

The Kalinga war was fought between Ashoka, the great Mauryan Emperor and the ruler of the State of Kalinga, Ashoka became victorious and, as a result ruled Kalinga. But at what cost ? Ashoka saw the blood filled battlefield with his own eyes. The Kalinga war prompted him to devote the rest of his life to non-violence (Ahimsa) and to victory through Dhamma-Vijaya. Thus, he became a follower of Buddhism.

Krishna Leela

Krishna Leela is about the journey of Krishna from his birth to his great preaching’s to Arjuna in Bhagawad - Geeta. Much like the epic itself, this dance composition has been neatly divided into many parts: ‘Kaliya Daman,Govardhan Leela, Raasleela, Narsimha Avatar & ‘Bhagawad Gita’

Sufi Dance Composition "Maula Mere Maula"

where the devotees are praying to his great Sufi master Hazrat Nizammuddin Auliya’s dargah, depicts the electrifying moment when devotee transcends material existence, forgets worldly desires and experiences spiritual union with the divine.


5,000 year old ancient Indian yogic poses are mastered and performed professionally on the Wheelchairs & Crutches by differently abled people. Our message to the world is given an opportunity ‘sky’s the limit’. Through their miraculous Yogic postures, they transform themselves into divine energy and taking with the spectators to ultimate bliss.