Women Empowerment Dance Productions

Dance Productions addressing critical issues towards equality & Social justice for women

BLACK & WHITE : First of its kind dance production for the rights of muslim women & women in general: The dance production highlights the suppressions faced by Indian Muslim women celebrating their successes despite impediments. It….. about the provisions of Muslim personal law as contained in the Quran and the Hadiths about their rights but because of ignorance of these provisions, we are not able to update with the current time and are facing problems. The voice has been raised for their rights. This dance production is critically acclaimed by the media and has received outstanding applauses from art connoisseurs. It…… deals to reveal the strength & potential of a woman to create her own identity irrespective of circumstances & environment.

"SHAKTI" Based On Women Empowerment : Shakti is the call for empowering the women by providing them right environment, right education, respect and opportunities where they can tap their immense potential lying in the depth of their inner being

SHIVER : Performance showing the key issue of South Asian women and HIV/AIDS.

UN TENDER TOUCH : an exquisitely, crafted piece that narrates the volatile stories of woman.